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5 Things to do Before Applying to a Job

Are you applying for a new job? 

Here are 5 things to do before applying to a job, to help your chances of getting an interview and ultimately, the new job.

5 Things to do Before Applying to a Job

Update your social media profiles.

One thing an employer will look at after you apply is your online presence. Remove or make private anything you wouldn’t want employers seeing.

Research the company.

Check their website, read any company news, and read about the people who work there. This will give you a good idea about the company, and help you in the interview process if asked what you know about the company and job.

Research the hiring manager

Find the appropriate email and name of the person who is hiring; this could be an HR manager, recruiter, or manager.

If you’re able to add a first and last name to your cover letter and personalize, you can grab the attention of the person hiring, which will give you an edge over other’s who simply address to ‘who it may concern’.

Reach out to current employees

While you research the company and find any employees of the company (likely on LinkedIn), consider reaching out with a friendly message or email to find out what it’s like at the company. You might not get a reply, but it’s worth a shot trying.

You could also look them up on Facebook and see if you have any mutual friends and ask that friend to introduce you via message.

Tailor your resume to the job

Sending out a generic cover letter and resume is ok, but what is great is if you can customize to the particular job you’re applying to.

If you’re applying to a job specific to customer service, mention the most relevant things in your cover letter. If it’s for a job focused on labour, showcase your most relevant general labour positions up front so the recruiter sees that you match the position.

You can also try mirroring words from the actual job ad in your cover letter and resume. I.e. if the job asks for someone with attention to detail, mention in your cover letter that you have a keen attention to detail. Use words and phrases that the job ad includes.